August 14, 2012

Ravellenics Update #4 - Finished

Well, after a marathon nine and a half hours knitting on Sunday I finished knitting my preemie hats (a dozen total) with thirty-five minutes to spare! This was immediately followed by picture taking and a flurry of postings to the Finish Lines for Charity Rowing, Hat Dash, Synchronized Stash Bust, & Baby Dressage Events for teamDAM (Diagon Alley Marauders), more postings to pertinent Ravelry boards to proclaim my success, and then a good long alternating hot and cold soak for my tired aching right hand. And then a nap.

So, here are the finished preemie hats, which along with the four previously knit hats, are going to the Remembering Remy charity.

Preemie caps Ravellenics

And here are my medals:

Hat Dash medal

Charity Rowing medal

Synchronized Stash Busting medal

Baby Dressage medal

Team DAM

And now back to our regularly scheduled programing...

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  Curse The Dawn by Karen Chance; Dead Man's Mirror by Agatha Christie; The Tale of Holy How by Susan Wittig Albert;
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Pod/VideoCasts:  The Knit Girllls; Cast On; Electric Sheep;

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