November 27, 2012

Fall FO's Part III

  Off My Spindles/Wheel:
  Columbia-Merino cross:  there is a definite difference in this Columbia/Merino cross ("CxM") fiber than the solely Columbia fiber I previously spun.  The Columbia fiber was soft but crisp.  This CxM fiber is soft with an almost whispy/silky texture.  Also the finer staples allowed me to spin my finest singles from attenuated longdraw to date.  Very little veggie matter, short cuts & nepps meant I could card without precombing or flicking, giving me little waste and excellent (for me) yardage: three skeins of woolen spun fingering wt 3ply, about 840 yds total from eight ounces of fleece.  
  CxM closeup
   Manx Loughtan This is a breed I didn't get to spin in 2011 when I was doing the SpinDoctor Wool Breeds Challenge, so when I saw it at The Spinning Loft I couldn't resist. Manx Loughtan is one of the Northwestern European shorttail sheep breeds, and is on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's watch list.
  "Loaghtans and their relatives covered the hills of the Isle of Man until the 18th century but by the 1950s numbers had declined to a handful. As a result of the work of enthusiasts on the Isle of Man and in England, numbers have steadily increased over the last 50 years. Continued success will ensure the Loaghtan has a future providing excellent quality meat and wool as a pure bred." [Source: Manx Loughtan Sheep Breeders Group ]  
  "Manx Loghtan fleece is a uniform dark brown, but is paler on the outside where it has been exposed to the sun. It can be either woolly or hairy. The wool is used for hosiery and knitwear, and the staple length is 7-10cm. Technical information about the fleece: Staple length 7-10cm, Fleece weight 1.5-2kg, Bradford count 46-54, Micron measurement 27-33" [Source: British Colored Sheep Breeders Assoc. ]
  This fiber was spun point of twist from the fold on both my spindle and wheel, and wheel plied for about 490 yards of 2ply fingering weight yarn from four ounces. I enjoyed spinning this and would spin it again.  
  Manx Loughton closeup 1  
Manx Loughton 

November 24, 2012

Fall FOs Part II

Off My Needles/Hooks:   
  Finally finished knitting one of the many pair of socks I've got going!  These were started one year ago today, Nov 24, 2011, and finished yesterday, Nov 23, 2012.  They are a holiday gift for a friend, and were knit on size 1 (2.25mm) double pointed needles out of the defunct Cables and Lace Lizard Toes base (merino/nylon) sock yarn in the Samhain colorway. The only problem I had with these socks (other than they're black and that's difficult to work with) is the yarn splits a lot.  I hate split stitches; they're so annoying to have to fix.  It slows me down. 
  Samhain socks  
  Off My Spindles/Wheel:

  Targhee fiber:  in the "Freshwater Pearls" colorway from Enchanted Knoll Farm was finished in early October.  This is the fiber I started spinning at the Campaign For Wool spinning demonstration in Bryant Park, Manhattan back in September.  I ended up with about 280 yds of sport weight 3ply yarn from four ounces of fiber. The colors in this yarn are very subtle so there are actually more colors than the picture shows.
  Freshwater Pearls

  Brought To Me By: Crafting accomplished with the following audio/video accompaniment:  
  DVDs etc:   True Blood S4; The Dresden Files;  
  Pod/VideoCasts:   The Knit Girllls; Electric Sheep; Cast On; The Knitmore Girls; Round The Twist;

November 20, 2012

Fall Spinning FOs Part I

Off My Spindles/Wheel:
  Remember the 8oz of Bluefaced Leicester fiber I really really wanted to spin but was supposed to finish two UFOs first before starting?  Well, the oooo pretty lure of the fiber was stronger than my good intentions.  Here it is all finished:  approximately 522 yds of fingering wt worsted spun, Navajo plied yarn in the Annunaki at Tiamat colorway from Crown Mountain Farms. I just love the colors in this!  
  Annunaki closeup 
  Next up is this approx 360 yds of Shetland 3ply fingering yarn in dark brown and white, spun smoothed point of twist from the fold.  My idea for this was to make a kind of gradient yarn by starting with three strands of the white, then swapping out one strand at a time until I had three strands of the brown, then reversing.  I also experimented a little with changing plying twist to accentuate one color over the other.  It didn't come out exactly as I envisioned, but I am pleased with it.  I'm thinking of maybe using for a Hitchhiker shawl.  This fiber is also from Crown Mountain Farms
  Brought To Me By: Crafting accomplished with the following audio/video accompaniment:    
  Audiobooks:  Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead; A Modern Witch by Debora Geary; Blood Oath by Christopher Farnsworth;          
  DVDs etc:   True Blood S4; The Dresden Files;    
  Pod/VideoCasts:   The Knit Girllls; Round The Twist;

November 17, 2012

I Can Haz Badges!

  Hogwarts at Ravelry group finished up the last class rotation for year five and has started classes for year six, and that means more badges!  Squeee!  I know, it's kinda dumb, but I like Badges.  So here are the badges my new badges for the end of year five: 
  :::Drumroll please:::  
For completing all my O.W.L.s with an Outstanding grade: 
 H@R Y5R5 Owls

For completing all three Dumbledore's Army missions:
  Y5 DA

For completing Level Four of the Order of the Phoenix:
  OoP L4 complete

And finally, because Badgers Rule The Pitch, and I helped, our Hufflepuff Quidditch Championship badge:
  Quidditch champs

Coming soon, Finished Objects both spinning and knitting.