February 28, 2012

Finished Objects Part I

Will wonders never cease, I have finished objects, both knitting and spinning.  Part I, the Knitting.

Off My Needles:

The Tucson Nights fair isle socks are finally done. I don't know why it took me so long to finish them. They were fun to knit. Reminded me that I enjoy stranded knitting so much. In Knit Picks yarn and my own design.

Tucson Nights socks fini

The orange and green socks, my Halloweenish? Maybe? Socks were finished in mid-January. They were plain vanilla socks; a very easy knit while I was recuperating and a break from the Charlotte Bronte shawl. 

Orange & green socks

Right after I finished the orange socks, I cast on another pr out of Lang Jawoll yarn in dark blue, burgundy, green and white.  I really liked the colors and the yarn, and dubbed them my "Starry Night" socks. They were finished in a month (haven't done that in a while). 

Lang Jawoll socks

Annual yardage goal: 17,600. Yardage to date: 960