August 2, 2012

More Oddments

I'm still working on processing "Tex" and spinning it up for the Knitmore Girls SPAKAL (spin-a-long, knit-a-long). Tex is the name I gave a Texel/Border Leicester/ Coopworth/ Corriedale/Finn crossbreed fleece I got last year. There's only a little over fifteen ounces left to wash, but my scouring mojo seems to have run off and left me holding the bag. Literally.

Geek time! My latest badge at Hogwarts@Ravelry for my only completed class. Since they changed the rules to prohibit crossposting I've had to pick and choose where I can submit my spinning and knitting. Means less points overall for my House, but I'm going with quality not quantity. Badger Pride!

Muggle Studies class

More Badger Pride - I'm a Hufflepuff Prefect now and I've got the Badge to prove it!

Hufflepuff Prefect badge

eBay is my friend. I bought a few small fleeces at auction during July. I know, its not like I don't have a ton of fleece to process from last two years, but it's not much - under four pounds total. And besides, they're either pretty or interesting crosses.

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