May 5, 2009

Follow Thru...Always a Problem

I never realized before how may corners and little places there are in this house to tuck away bags of UFOs. Sunday I was looking for something totally unrelated to knitting. I was sure it was in a certain place in a certain bag. It wasn't. After two hours I gave up. Never found what I was looking for but I did find six bags of unfinished projects, half of which I'd totally forgotten about they're so old. Added to what's OTN that I'm actively working on and I've got thirteen UFOs OTN. So far. I'm sure there's more I haven't found yet (not that I'm planning on looking right now).

Now I know I did a limited stash inventory a couple of months ago and resolved to knit up at least two bins (out of four) of stash this year, but I think maybe it's time to get rid of the old before the new.

So new plan: in between my Socks for Soldiers knitting, finish anything over a year old before the end of Summer. That would be a granny square baby blanket (from leftover baby yarn); an Ohio Star pillow cover; a purple pullover sweater; a scarf; bedsocks for Mom; and those washcloths.