September 13, 2015

Reality Sets In

Sometimes the discrepancy between what I want to or think I can do and what I actually can do takes on the dimensions of a canyon.  

Take my Stash Dash plans to finish the stash-busting Log Cabin blanket and the Hexipuff Baby Blanket, as well as a couple of pairs of socks.  Great idea but totally unrealistic. 

Seems I've lost my sock knitting mojo so finishing the half dozen pairs I've started is like pulling a shark's teeth - a messy and painful endeavor. And never mind the other half dozen pairs I promised to make that I haven't started. 

All I've been in the mood to knit on is the Log Cabin blanket which I've decided will be a Queen/King size.  That's 120 blocks, 12 long & 10 wide.  And so far I've got a dozen made.  I'm guessing this project will take a year or more to finish. 

I'm supplementing the Palette yarn with my handspun stash that's approximately the same fingering weight.  And I will also supplement with some yarn from my stash that I've either hand dyed or overdyed.  

The first ten blocks are joined, and I really like how it looks. I think it's going to be a great blanket - however long it takes me. 

The Hexipuff Baby blanket on the other hand is languishing in a corner. It needs about 50+/- more puffs I think. And I also need to decide on a border or not.  I just can't seem to get interested in it again.  I think I'm going to have to set aside a week to work exclusively on it and just get it done.  Maybe next week. Or the week after.  Maybe. 


I've finished some spinning:  

First up, about 332 yds of 2ply BFL in the Forever colorway from Miss Babs. This was spindle spun and wheel plied. 

Also spindle spun and wheel plied is this approximately 275-300 yds of chain ply Masham in the Verdigris colorway from Spunky Eclectic.