August 5, 2012

Crossing The Line

On/Off My Spindles:

Ravellenic Games
Team: Hopelessly Overcommitted
Event: Handspun Heptathalon

Ist Medal

Finally crossed my first Finish Line yesterday morning with approximately 300 yds fingering wt yarn, Shetland "Forecast" colorway dyed by Spunky Eclectic. The color is all off and I can't seem to correct it. This is actually shades of blue, not green.

Forecast Shetland

Other Non-Ravellenic Stuff:
I finished plying skein 5 of the Wensleydale fiber in the Rasputin colorway by Crown Mountain Farms this morning. It is worsted spun and chain plied and I got approximately 85 yds of 3ply. I was hoping for more but what can I say, I'm not spinning my singles on the same spindle I spun the first three mini-skeins on. I guess it makes a difference, at least this time.

On/Off My Needles:

Ravellenic Games
Team: Diagon Alley Marauders
Event(s): Hat Dash, Charity Rowing & Stash reduction

First up is a dozen Preemie Hats for the Remembering Remy charity from this 2+ year old pile of Louet Gems mill end fingering wt yarn.

Louet Gems mill ends

I cast on yesterday and have one and a half hats done as of right now. Will finish the second hat and start third tonight. There's over 900 grams of yarn here so one thing I don't have to worry about is running out of yarn!

Brought To Me By:
  Fool Moon by Jim Butcher;
DVDs etc: Harry Potter TDH Parts 1&2; Buffy TVS S7;
Pod/VideoCasts:  Sticks & String, Knitting Pipeline;

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