April 23, 2014


The Tour de Fleece this year starts on July 5th, and I've been contemplating what to spin. The Knitmore Girls are doing another sweater SPAKAL (spin-along knit-along) so spinning a sweater's worth of yarn is one possibility. Another is to see just how much I can spin in three weeks, and if I go that route, will it include plying what I've spun or just spinning the singles? I also have to consider the weather. July in NYC is hot and sticky and I don't have A/C. On the really bad days I just can't spin.


A hat in leisure colors for the Socks For Soldiers group. I'm using Claudia Handpainted Yarn in the Desert Dusk color way.

Desert Dusk hat

I also have a couple pair of socks on the needles in various stages from just started to almost finished.


I'm about halfway through the four ounce bump of Annunaki at Tieman. The first ounce and a half has been plied (chain ply) and is sitting on Sadie, my wheel, at home. If I finish spinning my singles before I get back, I'll start plying them on my spindle, otherwise I'll just add them to what's on the wheel.

Annunaki so far

April 3, 2014

March Finishers

I've done a fair bit of fiber prep and spinning during March and also some knitting. Enough knitting that I did manage to finish a couple of projects.


The Fleegleized Panda socks I started on Jan 3rd are finished.

They are toe-up using the stitch pattern from Hermione's Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder and Fleegle's No Flap heel. The yarn is Panda Cotton, a bamboo/cotton/nylon blend which I found to be very splitty. It was annoying enough that I don't think I'd use this yarn again. Also, I'm not into ankle socks so I had to use every scrap of yarn to get a decent size sock leg. I did like the heel pattern and would use it again.

I finished my first regulation cap of the year for the Socks For Soldiers group. It was started on February 28th and finished on March 22nd, using tan Regia 4ply yarn (color is off in the picture).