August 9, 2012

Ravellenics Update #3

Things are not going according to plan. With only three days left to the games I have only four and a half preemie hats done. I was sidelined by an eight day long migraine with vertigo that kept me from knitting, and well basically from doing anything too visual: reading, knitting, watching DVDs, etc. It broke this morning which allowed me to knit a hat and a half while on the bus and waiting to do tests at the doctors. Unfortunately, there's a storm front coming through and I can feel it gearing up for another round. I should be able to finish the fifth hat tonight - I'm at a straight knitting part and can pretty much do that without looking - but I have to look when ribbing, so starting new ones might be a little tricky. I'll try though. I really want to finish; I want more medals! On the bright side (I guess), no knitting/spinning means I'm getting a fair bit of fleece washing and prep done.

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