August 12, 2013

On the Road....WV, I Am In You

  On My Needles/Hooks:

Hexipuffed like crazy on the train ride down to West Virginia or at least it seemed that way. A two hour delay in D.C. while they put my train together (don't ask) helped the illusion. Apparently though, I really only make one (or less) an hour. These are the seven I made on the road. There are a few more I made that night.

Train hexis

I started the Cauchy socks back in June but ran into a snag when I couldn't decide which heel I wanted to use: the pattern heel, afterthought, sweet tomato, or something else. I brought them with me on vacation and I'm pleased to say progress has been made. I went with a square heel. This is first sock progress.

Cauchy in progress

On My Spindles/Wheel:

The first half (about two ounces worth) of the BFL from Crown Mountain Farms in the Rise of the Phoenix colorway is done. Spindle spun and plied, I got about 150 yds of 3ply (chain) yarn with a wpi in the 22-27 range. I'm hoping to get enough to make a Rivendell cowl, and I think I should have just enough. Pic taken before twist set.

Phoenix first skein

Fiber Prep

The second half of "Mo", a Finn-Dorset-Targhee cross fleece, is washed and I've begun prepping the fleece to spin. I'm hand combing then drum carding. The plan is to spin woolen and 3ply as the first half was done. The only difference will be I'm probably going to wheel spin instead of spindle spin. Probably. Then again... By the time I get back from vacation and can work on it again I might change my mind.

Off My Spindles/Wheel:

The little Corriedale/Polypay sample is done. I started with 8.5 ounces raw fleece and after it was washed had 5.5 ounces. I hand carded the fleece and instead of dizzying off the combs, I pulled it off in tufts and spun it semi-worsted from that. It's my version of "cloud" prep. Worked surprisingly well. Picture taken before twist set. Ended up with approximately 350 yds of laceweight/light fingering 2ply yarn.


August 2, 2013

What's Goin' On....

On My Needles/Hooks:

I've been hexipuffing like mad lately. I have a whole bag of them finished but it just didn't seem like I was getting anywhere. So I started sewing them together and now I'm feeling much better about it. I am getting somewhere and I can't wait to finish.    

   Hexi blanket in progress

I had a little difficulty when I first started sewing them together - trying to find a way to join them that looked okay, but I eventually settled on something and now it's going smoothly. I know in the actual pattern (The Beekeepers Quilt) the puffs are just tied together not sewn. However, this is a baby blanket for charity, and I didn't think holes that little hands and feet might get stuck in was a good idea. Besides, the yarn and stuffing are all washable.        

At some time in the near future I will have to decide if I'm going to leave this blanket with uneven edges or square the sides off with half hexis. Right now I'm leaning towards evening out the sides, maybe even putting a little crochet border around. I don't know. We'll see.

On My Spindles/Wheel:

I just love the yarn prep and dyed colors that Klaus at Crown Mountain Farms did, and I was sorry to hear he had to close up shop. So I put in an order in June to pick up some of his colorways that I hadn't gotten to yet. One of them is "Rise of the Phoenix" in his BFL base. I'm spindle spinning (worsted) and chain plying. First ounce spun and pre-chained and resting on the bobbin, and I'm about two-thirds through spinning the second ounce.     

Phoenix in progress

Unbelievable how hard it is to decide what knitting to take with me on vacation next week. I'll be gone for two weeks, and I have limited packing space. I can't decide between hexipuffs, socks and hats, or socks and a shawl, or hexipuffs and colorwork mittens. Decisions, decisions!