June 22, 2015

Log Cabin fever


Finally gave in and cast on a log cabin afghan (or blanket depending on finished size) using all the Knit Picks Palette yarn I have. I'm making color blocks that are outlined in white and will be joined in a three needle I-cord bind off in black.

There are over thirty different Palette colors in my stash, but the majority of them are only one ball each. Some of the colors I'm picking out are coordinating colors and some gently contrasting colors. Some will be picked by random number generator, which should make some very interesting (& probably wildly clashing) color combinations.  This is the yarn colors and the first two blocks (without the white border). 

And another block with white border 

Most of the blocks will have five or six colors although some will have only three.  

I'd like to get both this project and the hexipuff baby blanket finished by the end of Stash Dash in August.  Doubtful but I'm going to try.