July 12, 2012

TdF Days 12 - Oops, Zzzzzzzz

Sorry folks, I conked out last night before I remembered to post. But I actually made some progress yesterday.

Day 12 I finished spinning up the last two ounces of the second Cheviot braid.  I also plied the Llama (2ply).  And I took the cotton with me to the Atrium meet up and spun for over an hour while I waited for my fellow Knitter's to arrive. I've scheduled this Sunday as a plying day, so I'll ply the two bobbins of cotton and whatever else I've spun through Saturday then.  

Llama pictured here is actually a dark brown.  I had to wash out the color with lights to get a semi-decent pic of the yarn strands.


Brought To Me By
DVDs etc: Buffy TVS, season 6; 
Pod/VideoCasts:  Yarnspinners Tales, Knitmore Girls,

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