July 27, 2012

Stash Dash 2012

Stash Dash 2012

Through Checkpoint 4: 1,560 grams, 34% of goal

There's only a few weeks left for this (ends Aug 12) and I realize I won't be meeting my goal.  Majorly, Seriously, Not Meeting It.  Seems I once again miscalculated.  

My goal was to work through 10 pounds or 4,535 grams (we're counting grams not yards this year) of fiber, fleece and yarn. I thought, with the TdF spinning and the fleeces I'm processing, I could handle eight pounds of fleece/fiber and two pounds worth of knitting.  

First thing I forgot was to deduct for the fleece processing loss and waste. Makes a Big Difference.  Second thing I forgot was to account for my hand arthritis since the h&r accident two years ago.  I just can't knit as much as I used to, or at least as intensely as I used to.

So bottom line is I'll be lucky if I make it to even half of my original goal.  A third is better than nothing I guess. 

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