October 29, 2012

Reinbeck 2012

This year was my first trip to Reinbeck for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.   Last Saturday was a beautiful day for it, sunny, warm but not too warm, with a nice refreshing breeze. All the yarn, fiber and fleece you could ask for, plus podcasting celebrities, a good selection of food, and animals from the expected (sheep, llamas, etc) to the unexpected (kangaroo).     
First up, what I bought. From the top down:  a bump of multicolor Jacob roving, Bosworth featherweight spindle (my first Bosworth), two Loop bullseye bumps (merino/nylon/angelina & oh so soft) and a Jessalu project bag in Tardis fabric.  Not much, but I stayed within budget for once and that counts.  
  Reinbeck booty 

Next up, a few animal pics.   
  Reinbeck  cheviot 
  Reinbeck 4  
 Reinbeck rabbit
I had a great but exhausting time.  (I slept for eighteen hours when I got home.). Next time I go I'll go with a plan for what I want to buy so I can pace myself and do other than shopping stuff.  

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Het Wolbeest said...

Lovely animals and batts. What a huge rabbit! LOL! Regards, Alexandra.