November 17, 2012

I Can Haz Badges!

  Hogwarts at Ravelry group finished up the last class rotation for year five and has started classes for year six, and that means more badges!  Squeee!  I know, it's kinda dumb, but I like Badges.  So here are the badges my new badges for the end of year five: 
  :::Drumroll please:::  
For completing all my O.W.L.s with an Outstanding grade: 
 H@R Y5R5 Owls

For completing all three Dumbledore's Army missions:
  Y5 DA

For completing Level Four of the Order of the Phoenix:
  OoP L4 complete

And finally, because Badgers Rule The Pitch, and I helped, our Hufflepuff Quidditch Championship badge:
  Quidditch champs

Coming soon, Finished Objects both spinning and knitting.

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