June 9, 2014

On and Off Knitting


I cast on a new pair of socks using gift yarn - Bali Hai colorway sock yarn from Hanalei Strings in Hawaii. The socks are for me, of course. I'd originally planned to use the SKYP stitch pattern but after about an inch I decided it got lost in the colorway and switched to plain stockinette. I will still use the Strong heel as planned, though.

I am actively working on finishing the Charlotte Bronte shawl. I attached what I'd knit of the second lace border to see how far I'd actually gotten, and it wasn't as far as I thought. I still have to knit enough border for a full short side and slightly more than half of a long side.

There's also the Piccolo Mondo Antico sock by Karen Aida that I started earlier this year. I'm using Zen Yarn Garden's Superwash Sock Yarn in the Esmeraldus colorway and their Aufust 2009 Harmony Sock Yarn Club yarn in the Tangerine colorway on 2.50mm (US1) needles.

For my Socks For Soldiers knitting, I have a pair of olive drab socks and a leisure hat on the needles. Unfortunately, I've had a number of migraine headaches over the last few weeks which cuts down drastically on my knitting. This too shall pass, and I will get them done.

B's socks were started back in September 2013 and finished on May 6th. They have a ten inch leg and slightly less than a twelve inch long foot and were made with about 118 grams of Schachenmayr Regia Racing Color yarn. Have I mentioned how much I like Regia yarns? I have about 80 grams left of this yarn which would do for a pair of toe-up socks for a smaller foot. The color is way off in this picture - I couldn't get the color right no matter how I changed the lighting. They are actually a darker charcoal gray-ish blue.

  The May Day project was finished on May 5th, but it's a gift that its recipient hasn't gotten yet, so no picture until next time.

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