September 2, 2012

Again With the Oddments

Scouring with soap nuts:
Soaps nuts in the pre-scour cold soak helps cut the dirt and suint. Love it. Also seems to act as a pre-treatment for removing lanolin in the hot wash. Cuts down on amount of detergent or Power Scour needed when used in conjunction with detergent. Whole soap nuts by themselves don't get lanolin out entirely in hot wash. Haven't tried it yet but others say soap nuts liquid alone does remove lanolin. Will have to try that myself someday.

And just when I think it's safe to come out of the scouring water... I find more to scour. Turns out that last seven ounces I thought I had to wash wasn't the last of Tex. I found another bag with a little over ten ounces that needs scouring. Sigh My SPAKAL spinning will never end, I think

Stash Enhancement:
Two month fleece buying binge netted me at least a pound each of these breeds/crossbreeds:
E. Friesian/Corriedale lamb
E. Friesian/Corriedale adult
And Under a pound of these:
Oxford/Border Leicester
Bluefaced Leicester lamb
Border Leicester/Romeldale
They are all raw fleece, except for the Cormo which I had the seller wash for me. I didn't want to deal with the heavy lanolin, plus if you even look at it wrong it felts.

I had a "When Knitting Attacks" incident earlier in the week: finished the first sock, kitchenered the toe, measured length, then realized I made the foot three inches too long. So I had to rip back and redo. (Well, at least i didn't work a heel instead of a toe like I did the last time I had a major sock knitting attack!)

Rasputin spinning finished :::insert muppet flail::: Yay, that was another "I thought it'd never end project".

10 Mile Goal Update: at 95% of goal (17,600 yds spun/knit/crochet). At this rate should reach goal by the end of September. Major raising of the bar next year.

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