May 9, 2012

Planning Ahead For a Change

Dear Crafting Diary:

I've been thinking. I know, I know, dangerous territory for me, but I'm trying to avoid any future "What was I thinking!!" exclamations by thinking ahead. What have I been thinking about you ask? Well, I've been thinking about the Ravelympics and the Tour de Fleece. Specifically, what I'd like to do for each, and what I can realistically do for each.

Actually, the Tour de Fleece choice was easy this year. I'm sticking with my plan to spin non-sheepwool fibers, so, cotton for sure. Also, I have some really lovely jeweltone dyed alpaca/silk blend that I can't wait to spin. I've spun silk in blends before but not alpaca. Likewise, I dabbled a little with cotton several years ago but didn't get very far. So both the alpaca and cotton spinning will be a learning experience for me. Unlike last year, this year's Tour will be about learning to spin new fibers not quantity spun.

This will be my first year in the Ravelympics, and as usual, my first go-round of the teams and events had me on half a dozen teams and nine events. Yeah, right, not gonna happen. At least not if I want to remain sane (or perhaps just not insane). Anyway, I am officially in public decreeing my Ravelympics limits: no more than two teams and two project themes. The Teams are Diagon Alley Marauders and ?? (probably Hopelessly Overcommitted). The two project themes are charity knitting (which will cover multiple projects/events) and one spinning project.

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