April 12, 2012

Finished Objects Part III - The Blue and Grey

Cape Cod colorway

This was four ounces of a hand-painted merino/silk/angora 50/30/20 blend from Spirit Trail Fiberworks in the "Cape Cod" colorway. It worked up nicely to a total of 547 Navajo/chain plied yards with a wpi of 22 (sport weight). I'm very pleased how this yarn came out - it's the first time I've gotten that much yardage in a 3ply yarn that close to a fingering weight yarn.

Cape Cod was a lesson in spinning different staple lengths, and the lesson learned was angora is too short to be spun within a blend, in my opinion that is. The angora did lend a nice halo to the yarn, but then again, I could get the same halo effect by spinning it woolen instead of worsted. Actually I spun this semi-worsted, i.e. Top spun from the fold, either point of twist or occasionally from short longdraw. I almost always spin silk or silk blends from the fold; I feel it gives me better control of the fiber. I think, if I were to make an agora blend yarn, I would spin a pure angora single to ply with whatever other fiber I planned on blending it with.

Total Yardage Goal: 17,600. Yardage to Date: 5,001

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