January 10, 2011

Wool Breeds Challenge - Dorset Horn

Comments from my spinning journal:
Dorset Horn

According to The Knitters Book of Wool and In Sheep's Clothing, Dorset Horn is one of the Down/Down-type breeds, has a fineness count of 27-33 microns and an average staple length of 2.5 to 4 inches. And it can be spun either woolen or worsted.

This sample is about one ounce of processed top or roving.   I think there some lanolin still in this particular sample, not a lot, just enough to make my hands feel nice. Feels spongy, not soft as compared to the Corriedale I just finished, but not really coarse as compared to the Romney I'm currently working on, and a bit heavy or dense. This is screaming woolen spun to me.

Will try spinning woolen for a two-ply sample (try because I've never actually spun true woolen before - semi-woolen maybe but not woolen). Using the walnut spindle (1.5oz). Not sure how this sample was prepped. I think it's top but I'm not sure. Short staple 2.5".

This is proving easier to spin woolen when I spin from the fold. And I think I'm actually doing a real honest to goodness long draw. Woot, Woot!!   It takes a lot of concentration to keep myself from smoothing the yarn though. Must remember to trust the twist. It's just magic when the slubs smooth out. So cool!

I think this might be good for mittens. I don't think it's soft enough on it's own to wear as a scarf, I.e. next to the neck, but should be nice and warm for mittens or a hat. Will see what it's like after washing. Might be good for a sweater or vest worn over a shirt or blouse.

I would definitely like to spin this again.

Dorset Horn

Edited to add more pics:

On the plying spindle:

Dorset Horn

Finished and Dried:

Dorset Horn post wash

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