July 10, 2010

Tour de Fleece

Okay, Steph, see I'm blogging.

This is my first Tour de Fleece and with all the heat we've had here in NYC I haven't gotten as much done as I'd planned, but I'm still spinning, plying, or doing something connected every day. My goals originally were to finish spinning my UFOs of which I had three in progress: Little Fish colorway from Enchanted Knoll Farms (superwash merino); Cold As Ice colorway (superwash merino) from Crown Mountain Farms; and my most recently started "Connections" colorway from LnV Intentions. When I finished them I would reward myself by starting something new - probably the new (to me) Polworth I got.

Of course, with the way the powers that be like to play with us, as soon as I signed up for the TdF and made all these plans, I was hit by a van while crossing the street (hit & run, the bum) and messed up my wrists (among other things). Fortunately, nothing was broken; I was VERY lucky. But I wasn't sure when my wrists would be healed enough for me to spin, so I adjusted my goals to completing just the two oldest UFOs in case I couldn't start until the 2nd week.

I healed quicker than I thought and was able to start on the first day with everyone else. Here's my Day 8 summary of the first week's progress.

First up was Little Fish of which I only had about an ounce left to spin (I have no idea why I stopped there). Little Fish is pretty shades of blue with a dab of sea green:


But the spindle I needed to finish Little Fish with was already occupied with Intentions, so first I had to finish that, which I did, Day 1:

Tdf day 1 intentions

Day 2's progress:

TdF day2 So far

Days 3&4 were oh so hot, but I finished spinning on 3 and plying on 4, and this is the result:

Little Fish 2ply

It's about 187 yards of 2ply. It hasn't been washed yet so I haven't checked the wpi, but it looks like fingering weight (that's a nickel coin not a quarter). I think the earlier skeins fluffed up a lot so it might end up as heavy fingering or dk. We'll see. One UFO down.

Days 5, 6 and 7 have been all about the Cold as Ice. I have about 6-7 ounces to work with including some singles. This will also be a 2ply. I'm starting with this:

Cold As Ice

And as of this morning I have this done:

Cold as Ice in progress days 6&7

I'm spinning on average about an hour and a half a day, sometimes more, so we'll see how far I can get by Wednesday.

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