February 18, 2016

FO Parade Part II

Some more Finished Objects


Top Left:  about 416 yds of a semi-worsted fractal spun 2ply, wheel spun and ply, 100% Targhee from Sheep Spot in the Ignite colorway.  Finished 5 Oct 2015. 

Top Right:  also a semi-worsted fractal 2ply of about 441 yds. Wheel spun and ply. Shetland fiber in the Gerbera colorway from Spunky Eclectic. Finished 23 Oct 2015. 

Bottom Left:   Moon Shadows colorway from Spirit Trail Fiberworks is a deep stash fiber. I bought it when I first started spinning but held off spinning until I was ready. Fiber is a 50/30/20 Merino/Silk/Angora blend. Wheel spun supported longdraw and chain plied into about 189 yds.  Finished 26 Dec 2015

Bottom Right:   A small sample skein I also spun on 26 Dec from a Jacob fleece I'm prepping.   Wheel spun supported longdraw from hand carded rolags for approximately 25yds of 2ply gradient. 

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