August 28, 2014

Summer Oddments Part I


The Charlotte Bronte Shawl by Stephanie Swarek that I started on Sept 1, 2011 was finished on June 16th. The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in November Muse colorway. I used a little more than four skeins or about 1,822 yds. It wasn't part of the pattern, but I added beads to the first lace border (silver lined dark topaz Miyuki-6).  I think if I knit this again and added beads, I would put the beads in both borders. Most likely I would leave out the beads altogether.  This took me what seemed like forever to block since I had to do it in sections (it was way too big for my blocking boards).   This is a bad picture, I know, but I wanted to get a quick picture before I left on vacation.  The blocked shawl measures approximately 60'x34".  It's nice and big and squishy and comfy.  If this coming winter is anything like last year's winter, it will be well used and much appreciated.

I made a Snug Sack and a Baby Hat for baby shower gifts over a three day period (Aug 4-6).  The hat is the Bunny Hugs Hat by Shana Schasteen (without pompoms), and the snug sack is well just a snug sack I made.  The yarn is Bernat Softee in soft fern (green) and Bernat Baby Solids in antique white.  The snug sack is a strand of each and the hat is in just green.  Altogether I used about 505 yds, 177 grams. 

Stash Dash, sponsored by The Knit Girllls, began on May 23rd and ran through August 7th.  This year's goal was 5k or 5,468 yards of yarn.   I managed to finish a number of projects, both knitting and spinning, however, I still fell 681 yds short of my goal.  Regardless, I'm pleased with what I did accomplish.  Hopefully, I'll get to cross the finish line next year.

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