January 14, 2014

How Did I Do

2013 is over so let's see how we did goal-wise:

I finished:
7 out of 13 pr socks 53%
2 out of 13 pr of mittens 15%
3 out of 13 hats 23%
1 shawl out of no set amount of shawls
0 sweaters out of no set amount of sweaters
104 Hexipuffs out of 156 (13/month) goal. 66%

Knit and crocheted approximately 7,500 yards out of 13,000 goal. Spun about 15,000 yards out of 17,000 goal. So overall, I reduced my stash (including destashing yarn and fiber) by a total of 4,221 grams out of 18,144 grams goal, or about 9 out of 40 pounds.

In other words, not so good. In fact, pretty sad performance. Guess I should go easy on the lofty goals for 2014.

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