September 5, 2013

Guilt-Free Crafting


Aaaahh, the joys of guilt-free crafting on vacation. That nagging little voice that says I should be doing ...whatever... instead of knitting or spinning is silenced, and I can just revel in doing what I want as long as I want. Blissful enjoyment!


The result of all that crafting bliss is a finished pair of socks, forty-three hexipuffs, two out of four ounces of a lovely black & red BFL spun & plied, and another little spinning sample for my collection.

The Cauchy socks. Pattern by Cookie A. from her "Sock Innovation" book. Yarn is Lisa Souza Sock!.

  Cauchy socks
Cauchy closeup

43 Hexipuffs (puff #43 was a bit shy and slipped out of camera range when I wasn't looking)

42 Vacation hexis

About 2 ounces of Bluefaced Leicester spindle spun & chain plied Rise of the Phoenix colorway from Crown Mountain Farms.

Phoenix first skein

25 yds of a 2ply Romney/Alpaca blend sample for my Itty Bitty Bits collection

Romney alpaca sample

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