February 13, 2013

2013 FO's: January Part 2

  Off My Spindles/Wheel:

I did a lot of spinning during January, but the only "finished" items were a few samples from my Itty Bitty Bits project.  Eventually, these will be knit up as hexipuffs or blanket/afghan squares or something similar, so I'm trying to keep them as consistent as I can by spinning worsted/semi-worsted and Navajo/chain plying.  

Clockwise from left:

“Blue Moon” BFL/silk fiber, blue, green & purple, Spindle spun and chain/Navajo plied, 29yds 3ply, 87yds Singles.

Unlabeled fiber, wine, Spindle spun and chain plied,  19yds 3ply, 57yds singles.

“Market Salad” All For Love of Yarn, BFL, spindle spun and chain plied, 10yds 3ply, 30yds singles.

Unlabeled fiber, yellow/gold/green/wine/pink, Spindle spun and chain plied, 79yds 3ply, 237yds singles.

  Jan13 IBBits  

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