December 20, 2010

Christmas Knitting -Part 2

On/Off My Needles
The toe-up socks in the Dusk colorway (blue) are done. Just need to weave in the ends. The first sock in the Austermann Step yarn (green) is likewise done and the second sock is at the heel gusset. I'm sure they will be completed by Christmas too. The Shetland Pi shawl will probably not be done in time. I'm on Chart E. Even if I finish the knitting in time, I'll never get it blocked in time, so it will be a New Years present instead.

On/Off My Spindle
Mom got me a pair of Valkyrie mini combs for my birthday. I really tried to wait until my birthday to use them, but I just couldn't resist. Experimented with the Corriedale locks and also to blend alpaca with BFL top. Most interesting was the difference between the combed Corrie and the carded Corrie. Far fewer neps and much easier drafting with the combed Corrie. I made myself a little diz from a piece of a cardboard box that works fine. The combed alpaca and BFL come off the comb with the diz much easier than the Corriedale, but I'm assuming that's due to the differences in the wools themselves and not because I'm using a homemade diz.

Almost finished spinning the "Treasure Chest" colorway of superwash merino - probably about a third left to spin. And I'm more than halfway through chain plying what's already spun. I'm liking how this is coming out very much, both the colors, which are lovely, and the chain plying, which I think I'm getting better at. I should have gotten more of this!

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